Fans & Variable Speed Frequency Drives

Providing the mechanical infrastructure for your ventilation system, these products are customized for a wide range of airflow requirements. Please contact us to discuss your ventilation needs, pricing and lead time.


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Available in a wide range of horsepower

  • We have tube axial, blower, direct drive and many other varieties of fans.
  • Available with 230 volt, 460 volt, 600 volt, single or three phase motors
  • Low noise 1200 RPM available

Get three phase power output from a single phase supply in your storage building or at your irrigation site! Please contact us to discuss your application, pricing and lead time.

Ventilation Fan Speed Control

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  • Automatic speed control integrated with MicroVent Control Panel.
  • Speed of the fans are regulated based on return air temperatures.
  • At 1/2 the speed, the fan motors consume 1/8 of the power.
  • 40-60% reduction on energy consumption