Gorman Controls Ltd has a long standing history of consulting with growers and storage managers to determine their storage objectives and provide solutions that meet those objectives. Storage duration, potato variety, potato end use, facility operation, climate, building costs, and owners preferences all need to be considered when choosing a specific storage for your requirements. With over thirty years in operation, we have provided a vast myriad of storage solutions. Below is a sample of those solutions.

4 Bin bulk storage for 304,800 cwt of processing potatoes

Project Details

  • 115’w x 152l’ – insulted concrete form building
  • In-floor ventilation
  • 304,800 cfm – 3 cfm/cwt
  • Dry fog humidity system

Box storage for 41,000 cwt of seed potatoes

Project Details

  • 100’w x 100’l x 30’h – prefabricated steel building
  • Pressure wall system with air bags
  • 91,200 cfm – 2.2 cfm/cwt
  • Dry fog humidity system

2 Bin, two zone bulk storage for 165,000 cwt of table potatoes

Project Details

  • 134’w x 260’l x 20’h – insulated concrete form building
  • 271,000 cfm – 1.5 cfm/cwt
  • In-floor potato vents
  • 4 – 20 ton Gorman Controls split refrigeration systems

4 Bin, single zone bulk storage for 40,000 cwt of table potatoes

Project Details

  • 70’w x 150’l x 18’h – straight wall building
  • Bulk system with on-floor ventilation pipe
  • Humidicell


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Storage designs to match the requirements of the crop and operation.