Gorman Controls Ltd. can provide a myriad of storage designs to match the requirements of the crop and operation. Bulk storages can be designed for a range of in-floor ventilation and above the floor pipe solutions. Additionally, there are a number of plenum/lateral configurations that can be provided to accommodate the growers requirements. Several box storage designs can be offered including overthrow, pressure wall, or letterbox designs. We strive to provide the right solution for any given set of requirements. The following examples provide a sample of the solutions Gorman Controls can provide.

In-Floor Bulk System

System Details

In-floor systems can be designed with pipe or cement trenches. In floor potato vents can be integrated with either pipe or trenches, while cement slats can be incorporated with trenches.

Above-Floor Bulk System

System Details

Above floor systems can be designed with a wide array of plenum and lateral configurations. Several ventilation pipe options can be offered in either plastic or steel.

Pressure Wall Box System

System Details

Pressure wall box systems provide the opportunity to configure a storage with long row lengths. These systems are equipped with an inflatable air bag to seal off the air channel created by two rows of boxes.

Letterbox Box System

System Details

Letterbox box systems provide the opportunity to maximize store space while minimizing the amount of ventilation the product receives. These systems are equipped with mixing chambers that maintain a consistent head space temperature.

Overthrow System

System Details

Overthrow systems provide a simple solution for box storage. Air is delivered over the top of the boxes and is returned to the fans at floor level.


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