Refrigeration Systems

Storage temperature control ensures product quality. Please contact us to discuss your refrigeration requirements, pricing and lead time.

  • Gorman Controls Refrigeration Systems are designed and manufactured specifically for the customer’s requirements.
  • Custom Made for Any Size Storage, Facility, or Application
  • Evaporator coils are engineered for high humidity applications.
  • Automatic Control Integrated with MicroVent and MicroVent Vision Control Panels or Manual Control as a Stand Alone Unit
  • Featuring multi-stage systems to reduce energy costs and provide required cooling.
  • Speed Control on Condenser Fans
  • In-house Manufacturing

Portable “Door” Units

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  • Gorman Controls Ltd. Portable Refrigeration Systems provide you with a flexible cooling system.
  • Use the same system to cool or dehumidify a number of storage buildings.
  • Pre-charged and Pre-wired
  • Plug and Play operation

Wall Mount Units

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  • Available in wide range of sizes.
  • Available with multi-stage cooling.

Split Systems

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  • Split Systems are designed for existing and new storage buildings utilizing ventilation fans.
  • Evaporator coil works with the ventilation fans.
  • Stand alone evaporator units also available.
  • Speed control on the outdoor condenser coil.
  • Available with multi-stage cooling.

Economizer Refrigeration System

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