Ventilation Control Systems

Our line of MicroVent control systems provides the central control of your storage conditions, including temperature, air flow and humidity. Please find information below on the MicroVent line of products and available upgrades. Please contact us to discuss your ventilation application, pricing and lead time.

Microvent Vision II

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  • All features of MicroVent Vision
  • Easily expandable
  • Linux operating system
  • Improved data viewing
  • Responsive user interface
  • Adaptable to meet unique user requirements

Microvent Vision

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  • Demand Ventilation
  • Product Temperature Monitoring
  • RH Monitoring and Control – Outside, Plenum, and Return
  • 10 Inch Colour Touchscreen Interface
  • Four Timed Run Modes
  • Automatic Fan Speed Control
  • Pulsed Intake Door Control
  • Internet Browser Based Interface
  • MicroVent Alert App
  • Internet and Ethernet Communications
  • Remote Monitoring and Control From Any Web-enabled Device
  • MicroVent Vision can be retrofitted to earlier model control systems

Microvent Vision Converter Panel

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  • Easily convert your legacy Microvent panels
  • Connect up to 4 Microvent systems
  • Easy and quick installation
  • Get all of the features of the Microvent Vision system


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  • Microprocessor Controlled
  • 6 Operating Modes
  • Manual Over-ride
  • Easy to Read Fluorescent Display and Touch Key Input
  • Available With Single or Multistage Heating/Cooling Systems
  • Remote monitoring and control from your home or office

Modes of Operation

  1. Constant Run – The only restriction is low plenum temperature and motor overload.
  2. Timed – The system will run on operator controlled time settings, in 15 minute intervals.
  3. Automatic – The system is controlled by inside and outside temperatures.
  4. Timed/Automatic – The system will run constantly or automatically, according to operator selected time intervals.
  5. Timed If Cooling Air – The system will run during operator selected time intervals, if the outside air temperature is below the preset level.
  6. Timed Or Cooling Air – The system will run during operator selected time intervals and whenever the outside air temperature below the preset level.

Mini Microvent Control Panel

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  • The “Brains” of the MicroVent Control Panel
  • This panel can be used to retrofit an earlier model control system, allowing for an update, without replacing hardware.
  • Includes all of the control features of the MicroVent Control Panel

Cool Vent

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  • Helps Reduce Refrigeration Costs Using Cool (Free) Outside Air
  • Precise Control of Room Temperature
  • Control of Intake Door and Fan
  • Control of Circulating Fans and Humidity
  • 3 Simple Set-Points
  • Fail-Safe Emergency Shut-Off

Other Control Assemblies

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  • Humidity controllers
  • C02 controllers
  • Temperature controllers