Humidity Solutions

Controlling relative humidity within your storage is essential to maintaining crop quality. Gorman Controls provides quality equipment for active control of relative humidity. Please contact us for pricing and lead time.

Humidicell Evaporative Humidification

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  • The Dryest Humidity Available!
  • The Humidicell uses evaporative humidification technology to provide regulated humidity levels for your storage.
  • Custom Made to Accommodate Any Storage Size
  • Available for Above or Below Ground Plenums
  • Virtually no free water results in no plenum flooding.
  • In dry climates, evaporative humidification provides additional cooling.
  • Stationary, Roll-away and Hinged Models Available

Optiguide Dry Fog System

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  • Optiguide’s innovative and field-proven ‘Dry Fog’ and electro-optical systems provide controlled humidity without wetness for optimal processing and storage environments.
  • The patented acceleration chamber creates an airflow pattern nozzle reaching supersonic speeds (2.4 mach). The airflow sucks in water from a Venturi column. The impact between the supersonic flow of air and the water generates shock waves, which produce micro-droplets. The “solid cone” jet of micro-droplets created by the atomizer forms a uniform “dry-fog” which evaporates into the air before the droplets reach the floor.

Centrifugal Humidifiers

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  • Portable or Stationary Design
  • Stainless Steel Construction
  • 1/3 hp
  • Fixed or Variable Flow
  • Available with a Rear Fan
  • Available with Pulsating Timed Control to provide better dispersion of water particles.
  • Performance and Durability at an Affordable Price